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Puppy Problem Solver Package

Are you exhausted from night-time battles?

Is house-training taking foooooooor eveeeeeeer!

Are you living with a fluffy shark, being bitten and grabbed and becoming wary of your pup?

Whilst we all expect to have to teach puppies how to live in harmony with us, sometimes we just can’t get our message across to them.

Please don’t wait until you have an unruly adolescent; with help and advice these problems ARE resolvable.

What’s included?

  • Two hour initial visit to get to the root of the problem and see how your puppy lives in your house with your family. There is no one size fits all. I’ll leave you with notes so you can implement changes immediately. 
  • Two one hour visits to check things are moving forward and provide you with the next steps.
  • Two 20 minute phone or video catch-up calls.
  • Email support between visits


This package is very popular, and to make sure you get the support you need I can only offer a limited number of them each month. Please contact me as soon as possible to reserve your first appointment.

Puppy School

When it became clear that we’ll do the Puppy School online (due to the lockdown) I was a bit sceptical, to be honest. However, Michelle’s class was not only relaxed but also very informative and helpful in making us understand how our puppy processes information and how to get her do things and how to work with her. Michelle sends notes and short video clips from the lesson and these help in practicing at you own pace (especially if the puppy was not very cooperative during the lesson!). She also keeps you engaged until the following session with little challenges and fun homework (eg researching the breed and find different bits of information). She’s available for questions outside the lessons (she’s very knowledgeable!), which is a big bonus if you struggle with a particular issue. Drawing the line, it didn’t matter at all that it was online: the class was a great learning experience for both our dog and ourselves!

Caroline and Waffles

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