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Puppy Preparation Package

It’s so exciting! A new arrival coming soon!

But it can also be a little daunting….

Where should pup sleep, and how do we get peaceful nights?

How do we introduce them to the cat, or children, or existing dog?

Bed, or crate, or pen? There can be a confusing array of equipment choices.

The Puppy Preparation Package will set your family up for success with your puppy in your home. One size definitely doesn’t fit all, so professional advice tailored to your lifestyle will save you worry, unnecessary expense and valuable time in your first few weeks.

What’s included?

  • A two hour visit from Michelle to your home, to advise on all the preparations and expectations for a smooth start. Ideally this takes place a few days or weeks before pup arrives. Notes from the meeting.
  • Three 20 minute follow up video or phone calls during the month after pups arrival.
  • Email support during the first two weeks, as often as you need me.
  • A welcome box customised for your breed and size of puppy to help make the first days and weeks easier, and set you up for success.


This package is very popular, and to make sure you get the support you need I can only offer a limited number of them each month. Please email to discuss availability as soon as possible.

We did a 6 week puppy class with our border collie/ poodle cross Finn in March 2021. We were a bit unsure as it  would have been an actual class but it had to be on line due to COIVD.  We needn’t have worried.  The online  (zoom ) classes  were increadibly helpful  and we all learnt a lot. Michelle was very knowledgeable and always explained her thinking and the pups thinking  really clearly. There was a good balance between structure, space to practice things  and feedback, and to  ask questions. Would highly recommend 🙂 Many thanks Michelle xx

Sam and Finn

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