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Puppy Training at Home

If you are looking for clear and calm methods to live in harmony with your puppy, you are in the right place.

From deciding which puppy to choose, through the first days and nights, to training and behaviour during the first year, Cleary Canines offers all the support you need.

Puppy owners often tell me they feel overwhelmed and confused by all the conflicting advice they are given by friends and family. Whilst it’s meant well, it isn’t working for them and their puppy.

Imagine having an experienced puppy expert available whenever you need them, either in your home or via video.

An expert who knows your puppy, your home, your lifestyle and you.

Because each puppy is unique, and each family has its own special needs and wishes, having your own personal trainer will get you better and faster results. And working at home means we can start before your puppy is vaccinated and make the most of those important early weeks when they can’t attend group classes. Private training sessions in your home or the local environment start with an initial free phone call to decide which package of support will get you the best results.

To ensure each client gets the time and attention they need, spaces for all these appointments are limited. Please contact me to discuss your options and book in to save your place.

Love Michelle

We love Michelle and her puppy school, she is so engaging and makes you think about things differently. She has really helped with our puppy Arty and we can’t wait to work with her more!

Edward and Arty

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