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Two puppies playing

Puppy Super Skills

Did your puppy miss early basic training in Puppy School?

Have you completed basic training but still have some challenges?

Is your pup a busy breed leaving you exhausted trying to entertain them?

Do you just love learning more and having fun with your pup? 

Here’s the solution,  the Puppy Super Skills classes and courses!

Make your own course by choosing the activities that you need in the single session classes, or join a 4 week course for a bit of everything.

Below is a selection of Super Skills available and current classes can be seen on the booking page.

Super Skills Courses

Puppy Classes for Older Puppies is a four week course including Super Skills such as walking on a lead, focussing on you, recall, drop, stay, settle and other challenges decided by you when you sign up. It is perfect for puppies that are too old for Puppy School (over 20 weeks)

Super Skills Puppy Plus – refine your Puppy School skills in this follow on course giving the perfect mix of obedience, tricks, dog sports and fun.

Super Skills single sessions

Is your puppy always on the go, impulsive and has trouble settling after excitement?
Then choose Super Calm to help puppies settle, focus on you around distractions, stay in one place, relax

Does your puppy find dogs, leaves, birds… infact pretty much everything more interesting than you on a walk? Or even indoors?
Then you need Super focus being able to concentrate, learning a trick or ignoring distractions

Do you have a shy pup, who worried in new places or by new experiences?Do they hide from visitors or bark at strangers?
You need to develop Super Confidence being brave, having a go, being able to be calm around potential  distractions

And new for children too – SuperKids and SuperPups! An hour session for Primary School age children and their pet dog, for skills, tricks, fun and games. As an experienced dog trainer and Primary school teacher, Michelle will set your child up with some dog training ideas to practice over the holidays.

Michelle has been so helpful with our new rescue puppy. Her advice has helped us to get rid of some really difficult behaviours and had helped Luna to become so much more confident already, in 5 weeks. Thank you Michelle!

Chloe and Luna

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