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Puppy Parkour

Is your pup part goat, climbing and jumping on everything? 
Do they ignore you on walks, preferring to sniff or chase the bunnies?
Or are they a shy pup, needing to grow a bit of confidence? 
Then I think you’d benefit from Puppy Parkour!

So, what is Dog Parkour?

Have you seen sequences in James Bond films, where people leap from building to building across roof tops? It’s not that. That’s serious Human Parkour.

In Dog Parkour we build confidence in SAFELY interacting with the environment. See that tree stump? Can you put two feet on it? Can you put four feet on it? Can you go around it? Can you go under it?

Why Dog Parkour?

It’s FUN! For you, and your dog. They start with easy tasks that are clearly explained, they achieve success and reward. This builds confidence too. I CAN do this! Then they can work towards more challenging obstacles and working more independently. This will challenge your training, timing and dog communication skills.

Who can do it?

Parkour is very inclusive. Absolutely any dog of any age can do Parkour and adjustments are made to accommodate young puppies or dogs and handlers with additional needs safely.

Where can I do it?

Anywhere! The course will develop your “Parkour Eye” and you’ll see opportunity around every corner.

Michelle has been so helpful with our new rescue puppy. Her advice has helped us to get rid of some really difficult behaviours and had helped Luna to become so much more confident already, in 5 weeks. Thank you Michelle!

Chloe and Luna

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