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Do you have a pup that has too many beans?
Are they ignoring you when off the lead? 
Would you love to do agility but pup is too young? 

You need Hoopers!

It’s a bit like croquet, with dogs going through the hoops instead of a ball. It’s a form of agility, without the jumps, weaves and tight turns, but with big tunnels, barrels and hoops. Hoopers all happens at ground level over a smooth and flowing course, making it suitable for very young dogs, before they can safely do a traditional agility course.

Why do Hoopers?

Its fun! And a great way to practice some confidence building, action packed relationship building with your puppy. It can develop concentration and off lead communication between you too.

Who can do Hoopers?

The great thing is, any age of dog can do some Hoopers, but its especially good for active puppies from about 15 weeks, once they have just a little training experience. It’s also perfect for adolescent dogs who enjoy movement and freedom.


My puppy and I loved going to this training. It was fun and informative. We learned loads and Michelle answered all our questions each week. My puppy really loved going and then came home and slept for 2 hours.. bonus!!

Maxzine and Murphy

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