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Two dogs looking at each other

Puppy Playtime

Are you worried that your puppy missed opportunities to socialise during lockdown?

Are you unsure of what good play looks like? 

It’s so important to make sure our young puppies build confidence through appropriate socialisation and experiences. Puppy Playtime sessions provide an opportunity for your puppy to have short and positive interactions with other puppies, people, new surfaces, sights, sounds and smells.

Puppy Playtime is built on quality not quantity of experiences, under the close supervision of a qualified Puppy School Tutor with many years of training and behaviour experience.

These are stand alone sessions, rather than a course, and so you can attend as many as you wish. Numbers are strictly limited and booking is essential. Puppies must be vaccinated to attend.

During Covid restrictions these sessions may be outside and use minimal equipment to comply with safety advice at the time.

We did a 6 week puppy class with our border collie/ poodle cross Finn in March 2021. We were a bit unsure as it  would have been an actual class but it had to be on line due to COIVD.  We needn’t have worried.  The online  (zoom ) classes  were increadibly helpful  and we all learnt a lot. Michelle was very knowledgeable and always explained her thinking and the pups thinking  really clearly. There was a good balance between structure, space to practice things  and feedback, and to  ask questions. Would highly recommend 🙂 Many thanks Michelle xx

Sam and Finn

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