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The Emergency Service for Puppies!


Cleary Canines – The Puppy Specialist!

Has your puppy left you exhausted by lack of sleep?

Are you worried by their excessive biting?

Would you like to be able to use the bathroom without them crying or following you?

You need a clear plan to achieve your goals for your puppy. This is where I can help.

There are support packages for each stage of puppy ownership; choosing the right puppy for your lifestyle, managing those early days and weeks at home, training and socialisation, resolving challenges and keeping your older puppy happy, busy and active.

The packages give you a mixture of home visits, video or phone catch-up sessions and support via email.

As well as private training packages, I also offer group courses face-to-face and online. Either way, I like to involve the whole family where possible, and as an experienced primary school teacher even young children can be involved.

As these packages offer such comprehensive support, I can only offer a few each month. If you would like to sign up please let me know as soon as possible so I can put you onto the waiting list.

For older puppies and teenage tearaways there are fun filled activities and training opportunities too.

Highly Recommend

Thanks Michelle for all your help training Wilson, it actually worked really well even though it was online, I’ve learnt so much and you have made having a puppy so much less stressful as I’m full of knowledge!

Clare Griffiths

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